Our services for you

Concept and strategy

The concept is crucial to the success of a website. Together with you we plan the structure and the design of the website and have the technical implementation and the use on mobile devices in mind right from the start. We also gladly help with the creation of texts, photos and graphics.

Layout & Design

Visitors to a website decide unconsciously and in no time whether they are even willing to deal with the content. Good design meets the expectations of the target group, facilitates the information collection and makes the perfect first impression.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on 25.05.2018, confronts many website operators with a large number of technical and textual adaptations. Design for screen helps you customize your Website to comply with GDPR.

Responsive Design

Especially the rising market share of smartphones and tablets means that more and more website operators and designers have to rethink – because the access to online content is now no longer just on the classic desktop PC.

Text layout

In addition to graphics and images, an appealing, target group-oriented text is an important, non-negligible part of a website.
We support you in the formulation of your individual texts and adapt them to the special requirements of the Internet.

Technology & Development

Web sites must be presented flawlessly on each device, load quickly, and be readable to people and machines. In addition, they should be easy to maintain and reach many people via interfaces such as Facebook, Twitter and Co.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is designed to make your site more relevant to search engines, thus improving visibility in the organic search results (page ranking). We offer you a comprehensive package of measures.


With the help of a CMS, you can independently update, expand and restructure the contents of your website. We specialize in WordPress CMS. The world’s # 1 web content management solution features an intuitive user interface that can be tailored and personalized to meet your needs.

Online-Shop & WordPress

WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to present your products in an appealing way for sale. WooCommerce is designed to seamlessly integrate with WordPress. It has therefore become the world’s most used e-commerce solution.

Facebook & Co

Why Facebook for business? For today’s companies, the present on social media portals such. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are important components of the marketing strategy.

E-Mail marketing

MailChimp is the world’s largest marketing automation platform. It’s like a second brain that helps millions of customers—from small e-commerce shops to big online retailers—find their audience, engage their customers, and build their brand.

Taking care and support

In addition to the maintenance of content, regular work such as functional expansions, software updates or data backup is also a concern of a website. As part of a maintenance contract, we take on the long-term care of your website and make sure that it remains technically up to date.

In-house training

You would like to do the maintenance of your website uncomplicated, fast and of course error-free? For this purpose, we offer you detailed product training that will enable you and your staff to master all use cases in WordPress.

Image selection & editing

A successful website depends to a large extent on a meaningful and high-quality image selection and design.
We offer professional services for the creation, research and provision of suitable image motifs or optimize and edit already existing images.

Hosting & Launch

If necessary, we will advise you in choosing the suitable hosting provider for your requirements. In addition, we are happy to upload the website to the server of your hosting partner.